Who Are Your Students?

Teaching at the University of Toronto offers the experience of meeting and working with one of the most diverse groups of students in the country. As the most multicultural city in North America (more than half the population was born outside of Canada), Toronto is culturally and linguistically diverse, but as we know from surveys such as the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE), there are many more factors that influence our students backgrounds. How does this diversity affect their experiences here as students?   CTSI interviewed a group of undergraduate students to learn more about their orientations to campus life.

 1. Commuting affects us all

UofT students are very likely to have long commutes to campus, with 1 in 4 taking 1 hour or more to travel to campus. Senka Zahirovic, a 5th year student in Criminology and Psychology, when she had the option to study at either St. George or UTM campus, chose UTM because it meant an easier commute of one bus trip instead of a transfer to the crowded subway. Even when the commute is only 15 minutes long, as for Ayyaz Aamer, a 4th year student Majoring in Equity Studies and English, it still means thinking about “all the things commuters have to do to plan the day.”

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