Totally, nailed it!

Ignore the New Year and springtime propaganda. Autumn is the best time to hit the restart button. Even though I am no longer in school, my body and mind process fall as a time for new beginnings. Thankfully, I’ve evolved past the return from summer determined to make this the-best-year-ever feeling (though, if I could put together an outfit of knee socks, pedal pushers and a k-way jacket, I would) and recognize the school school as an opportunity to retackle list(s) and start new projects; set the schedule, and make long term plans.

It’s also the time when I move items from last year’s list to this one. These are projects planned but never started. Or projects started but not finished. Or finished but require another try. Or two. Or six. During his Keynote Address at this year’s Teaching & Learning Symposium, Prof. Joseph Wong said that we, as an institution, need to facilitate audacity. We need to ask ourselves how we positively value failure? It’s all fine and easy to claim that we desire innovation but how do we encourage and facilitate it? And if we are asking this for and from our students, shouldn’t we be asking the same of ourselves?

Finding new ways to acquire and share information, experiences and research by and about our community can be sometimes daunting. There are the usual obstacles of available time and budget that can work as roadblocks but most of us (certainly the CTSI crew) find ways to circumvent and sometimes reinvent. This also means that projects and initiatives might also go through the “Saw it on Pinterest. Totally, nailed it!” phase.

It’s a good feeling when we don’t know what will come next. Anything can happen.

Fall seven times, stand up eight.