About Your Portal Course

Please note: this post will be a link within Portal for summer 2012 courses. It will be updated with information regarding the course lifecycle throughout the term.

The following information was provided by Ryan Green, Educational Technology Liaison, CTSI:

This entry will be linked into every Summer 2012 Portal course, via a link at the bottom of the Course Menu.  It will provide us an opportunity to place support material directly into every course, hopefully right where it is needed most.  We envision this content to be more than just links to help documentation; we hope to provide resources that will help course instructors improve how they use their Portal courses.

The menu item is intended for course instructors and will be visible to all course staff but  it will not display to students.  The link on the menu will be static but we will be able to update this post whenever the need arises.

If you have suggestions of what type of resources you think this post should contain please don’t hesitate to contact us at ctsi.teaching@utoronto.ca.

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