Upcoming at CTSI

We are working on a new project with Student Life that will be launched at the end of January. We don’t want to give too much away – there’s something to be said about the element of surprise – but we thought we would offer a few hints.

The first clue (if it isn’t already obvious by these photos) is that the project involves a video starring faculty members and directed by CTSI work study student Tyler Blacquiere (if you don’t know Tyler yet, don’t worry. You will):

Please note that Tyler takes his role as a director very seriously, keeping the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock alive (or taking inspiration from Sam Raimi. I didn’t ask which he preferred) by wearing a suit and tie on set.

Props will be used.

And just in case you missed the props in question….

We are halfway through our shooting schedule (we’re off to UTM on Monday) and pretty pleased with the results so far. Our faculty have beenĀ  generous with their time and willing to act a little silly (not that I’m suggesting finger puppets could be interpreted as silly) in front of the camera for a good cause. We are all excited to see what comes next.

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